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  • Problems with installing OpenKM? No problemo, the solution is closer than you think.
Problems with installing OpenKM? No problemo, the solution is closer than you think.
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 #54660  by Mehra0019
Hi, I have build openkm form source using below command
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mvn -Dmaven.test.skip clean package
Now, my question is what is the next step to make this openkm run on my linux sytem.

 #54662  by jllort
You should use the installer available from https://www.openkm.com/es/ ( at the end of the page ) and if you need to replace the war file in the future then replace it ( there's a video, I suggest to watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJrkD2BdAJo )

In this section of the documentation we try to explain the main steps of the installation, but because different OS, etc... the documentation give the clues but not the exact steps.
 #54669  by jllort
The OKMInstaller.jar is used to install the OpenKM realeases. Build from the source code only have sense if you are going to change something, otherwise should use the regular installer.
 #54675  by ModifiedVersion02
After successfully building OpenKM from source using the provided Maven command, the next steps to run it on your Linux system typically involve deploying and configuring the vb application.
Be sure to consult the documentation provided with OpenKM for detailed installation and configuration instructions tailored to your environment.
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 #54680  by Mehra0019
Thanks, I want to ask like If have changed something in code and build it and then do I only need to replace the openkm.war file or is there anything else to make it work ?

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