• Full-text search has very poor performance. How to improve?

  • OpenKM has many interesting features, but requires some configuration process to show its full potential.
OpenKM has many interesting features, but requires some configuration process to show its full potential.
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 #53785  by snowman

my repository contains only PDFs OCR'ed by Abbyy. In Acrobat Reader I can find all kinds of keywords. However, the search of OpenKM does not recognize many of them.
When I import my repository into nextcloud all keywords are found using Elasticsearch as search backend so it is possible to have good performance on my repository.

How can I improve the search?

P.S.: Language is German.
 #53790  by jllort
Should set the focus in a specific document -> then from Administration > Tools > Check text extraction evaluate the plugin and the text extracted.
* Check what plugin has been used to extract contents
* Check if all the text have been extracted
 #53842  by snowman
I hope I did the right thing. I selected a document, copied the uuid, went to Administration > Utilities > Check text extraction > entered the uuid > pushed check.

Result is a measured time: Time: 00:00:00.000
and a table with two columns:

application/pdf | com.openkm.extractor.AbbyTextExtractor

white empty field below.

I guess no text is extracted.
 #53866  by jllort
AbbyTextExtractor should be removed and have enabled only the TeserractTextExtractor. Ensure TesseractTextExtractor is enabled and AbbyTextExtractor disabled. Then update the table OKM_NODE_DOCUMENT and set value 'F' to the column OKM_NODE_DOCUMENT -> that will set all the documents in the extraction queue again.

Anyway, I suggest you check extraction in a document from administration again, until the extraction working from there will not work from the background.

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