Transferring Repository on a NAS/SAN?

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Transferring Repository on a NAS/SAN?

Post by TimothyFinn »


I was wondering if this will be possible on the OpenKM Community Edition.

Here's the scenario:

My Boss wanted to try and transfer the MySQL database on a SAN/NAS as disaster recovery measure. I am currently using MySQL and not MariaDB that was recommended by the installation as this was recommended by my superiors here at work. I am talking about transferring all data pertaining to OpenKM to a separate NAS/SAN device on a network.

Now the dillema:

I can't seem to find any faq's or guides as to how to achieve such a task.

I gravely need help in making this work. And time really is not an ally. And resources are scarce.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Transferring Repository on a NAS/SAN?

Post by jllort »

I do not suggest moving in a NAS ( networking might fail ), the option of the SAN is always welcome.

About moving openkm datastore repository take a look at ( repository.home parameter ): ... -home.html

About moving MySQL data store, the scenario is very similar in Windows and Linux, but not exactly the same. I will suppose you are in Linux:
google search -> linux mysql move database location ( you will find a lot of samples ) ... ntu-18-04/

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