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  • He we will discuss about how to make customization and improvement to the OpenKM source code.
He we will discuss about how to make customization and improvement to the OpenKM source code.
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 #54010  by sstefanov
I use Development OVA for Community version 6.3.12

I have very simple workflow with only one Task node. Immediately after start I set as transition action procedure for extracting fields data from the metadata group of the document and assign it to process variables. This works OK. I can see process variables with proper data in Workflow administration console.
For example I see process variable o_consulting_name with value "Name1"
Next, in Task node I have simple form with input defined as follows:
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<input label="o_consulting_name" name="o_consulting_name" data="o_consulting_name"/>
The problem is when I open the Task node form there is empty field "o_consulting_name". I expect it to be filled with the value (]"Name1" for example).

Why this is happen and how to fill form fields with process variables values?
 #54062  by jllort
* First, I suggest using a different name.
* It is supposed you had a previous form with a field named "o_consulting_name" where the user set the value "Name 1". Is that the scenario? Because the mapping is always between fields Input to Input ... if you have added a String variable in the context of variables will not working, you should add an Input field with the value for the mapping.
 #54066  by sstefanov
Thank you!
I tried to assign automatically metadata to file and my mistake was to trying to change field value instead adding the field when the form is created.
Now all is working OK.

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