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  • We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
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 #25815  by blackman
I visit the OpenKM website and I looked at http://www.openkm.com/en/overview/compa ... sions.html page.
In that table in second and third rows OpenKM suggests Community version just for small repository and only few users.
I cant understand the meaning of this limitations? Is not Community version full Open source ? is there any (hard coded) restriction in design or implementation of community version? why we can not use community version with unlimited users? what does meaning of "few" users? doesn't community version support definition of many users or restricted for few online users?
 #25853  by jllort
Take it as is, a suggestion. Sugestion is a suggestion not a limitation. In source code - into openkm application - will not see any user limitation or size limitation. Anyway we suggest it because professional version which is not exactly like community version has several optimization which are not present in community version, basically as you could understand professional version is better than community in some performance aspects and more features.

If you can have community with hundred or milions of documents and a huge number of users you can do, there's no software ( hard code limitation ) but do not expect the same performance than professional. That's what we try to said in table comparasion.
 #53830  by jllort
Yes, in the code we do not set any kind of limitation. I know some users get running with 2-6 million documents. I think from the 2 million and up the performance may downgrade because of some hibernate queries etc... but it depends on a lot of things ( hardware, in what manner OpenKM is used ... ). If you are looking for huge repositories, 30 million or more ... then should think of the professional edition because in version 7.x we set the focus on the performance for large repositories, which means a lot of changes in the core and also a radical change in the UI to get the best performance and user experience.

Really I think all of the DMS when talking about huge numbers should forward to their professional edition.

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