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  • We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
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 #53800  by thiagodalsoto
Hello, for some reason I don't know, I have a problem, at some point during an update the checksum stopped matching.
I have no problem using it because of this, noticed so far!

I searched the forum and couldn't find anything, how could I make the checksum sync again, in order to disappear this error when running the process in Utilities\Repository checker

Is there a rebuild checksum command?

reduced log
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Calculate number of nodes
Documents: 427
Folders: 184
Checking repository integrity
/okm:root/Manuais/Recursos Humanos/Edição/Apresentação PCC 2019.odp -> Checksum failure for node '6eab68a9-486f-4295-98b6-97c6b1c81ca2' and version '1.0'
/okm:root/Manuais/Recursos Humanos/Edição/Mudanças SAR 2020.odp -> Checksum failure for node '28366e0e-22be-4c33-ba15-77b1c7fa78cf' and version '1.0'
/okm:root/Manuais/Recursos Humanos/Edição/PCC VRA Revisado - 2020.odp -> Checksum failure for node '5341763d-551f-433f-beaa-106dce68cd8f' and version '1.1'

Repository check completed!

Path: /okm:root
Fast: true
Versions: true
Checkum: true

Documents: 0
Folders: 183
Size: 0 B
Time: 00:00:03
Version 6.3.11 build d7abb25

 #53816  by jllort
Have not much sense the checksum of the file changed. We keep the checksum because the application is able to verify nothing changed in the file system -> for example, disk corruption or similar issue. I suggest verifying your documents in the file system.
 #53817  by thiagodalsoto
Apparently nothing is corrupted, as I said we are using it perfectly.
I suspect this is all due to the fact that I did a fresh install, on a new server, restored the database backup and the local folder.

And in this case now, what would be the best way to solve this error that appears when I check the repository?


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