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  • Problems with installing OpenKM? No problemo, the solution is closer than you think.
Problems with installing OpenKM? No problemo, the solution is closer than you think.
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 #53516  by chris0602
Hi all,
I'm using openkm since 2 years but now it is hanginging at start screen "Loading Taxonomy".
In Openkm.log is the following error:
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2022-05-18 20:52:33,615 [localhost-startStop-1] [] ERROR net.sf.ehcache.Cache - Unable to set localhost. This prevents creation of a GUID. Cause was: .: .: Temporärer Fehler bei der Namensauflösung
java.net.UnknownHostException: .: .: Temporärer Fehler bei der Namensauflösung
It seems I have an issue with name resolution. But I have no Idea how to solve it.
And do it really cause the issue?

The mobile view is working fine. I get only a red warning sign at login screen instead of the logo.

I have also tried a new installation with the wizard and a new database but on the same Server and I get the same issue.

Do somebody have an idea what is causing the issue?

- Tomcat 8.5.34
- Openkm 6.3.11
- openjdk 1.8.0_312
- ubuntu 18.4.6

Best Christoph
 #53531  by jllort
It seems a networking problem in the server.

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