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  • He we will discuss about how to make customization and improvement to the OpenKM source code.
He we will discuss about how to make customization and improvement to the OpenKM source code.
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 #52978  by ThomasMol
Hi everyone,
I posted this in a different section as well, but maybe it fits better in this channel :) .

We are 2 students from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands and we are doing research on software architecture documentation in open-source projects. We constructed diagrams using the C4 Model (https://c4model.com/) of the software architecture of openKM based on the available documentation and existing diagrams (taken from https://www.openkm.com/en/architecture.html & https://www.openkm.com/).

We constructed 3 levels (1 to 3) of the C4 model, where level 1 is a system context diagram showing the bigger picture of the architecture. Level 2 zooms in on the openKM software system itself, this is the container diagram. Level 3 zooms further in, we chose to zoom in on the core application of openKM. We also provide a legend. More information about the C4 Model and its standards/meanings can be found on https://c4model.com/.

We would like to ask you, maintainers and contributors of this project, a few questions regarding the diagrams. Thanks in advance!
  1. Do our constructed diagrams represent the system architecture well?
  2. Are there any systems, containers, components or relationships missing?
  3. What elements might need to be changed or removed?
  4. Do these diagrams help you understand the software architecture of openKM?
If you have any question for us, feel free to ask them!
Any other comments are welcome as well. :wink:
C4ModelsOpenKM-Level1.drawio.png (80.16 KiB) Viewed 4528 times
C4ModelsOpenKM-Level2.drawio.png (160.83 KiB) Viewed 4528 times
C4ModelsOpenKM-Level3.drawio.png (247.41 KiB) Viewed 4528 times
C4ModelsOpenKM-Legend.drawio.png (83.66 KiB) Viewed 4528 times

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