Force OpenKM to work under HTTPS

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Force OpenKM to work under HTTPS

Post by LauryMenton »

Hello community,

I just installed the docker container of OpenKM (Community Edition), and configured it to be able to work and load under HTTPS requests (+ SSL certificate), using a custom domain. It was installed as a Docker container in an unRAID server. The HTTPS and its SSL certificate was configured and created using Nginx Proxy Manager (docker container) and the free version (renew every 30 days) of no-ip service for the domain.

The domain seems to be working, like other container I have configured to be accessed under HTTPS connections. But, it stops redirecting subsequent calls once I pass the initial screen (enter user and password UI). Then, all the calls are under HTTP, not HTTPS. But, OpenKM stills working well.

I tried editing the 'application.url' field (Administration > Configuration), from http://#####/OpenKM/index.jsp to https://#####/OpenKM/index.jsp, but it seems to force HTTPS connections.

Thank you.
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Re: Force OpenKM to work under HTTPS

Post by jllort »

This is a network configuration, not an OpenKM configuraton issue.
First you should get working standard http with subdomain: ... proxy.html ... proxy.html

Then can try to install SSL with: ... proxy.html ... sltls.html ( or directly with tomcat )

Also a good option to automatically configure SSL with free and valid certificates ( only works with subdomain )
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