REST -> application/json -> No message body writer has been found for response class FolderList.

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Re: REST -> application/json -> No message body writer has been found for response class FolderList.

Post by jllort » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:38 am

Might be a problem with version 6.3.1 I have checked what will be the next version 6.3.3 and there is going right.

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$curl -u okmAdmin:admin -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:8180/OpenKM/services/rest/folder/getChildren?fldId=83e2e70d-956b-4a23-bb41-836b4aabd60f
{"folder":[{"author":"okmAdmin","created":"2014-05-28T21:49:02.827+02:00","path":"\/okm:root\/test1","permissions":15,"subscribed":false,"uuid":"d7383f74-521b-4296-a8a2-8ca5632514df","hasChildren":true},{"author":"okmAdmin","categories":{"author":"okmAdmin","created":"2014-06-30T09:22:44.056+02:00","path":"\/okm:categories\/test1","permissions":15,"subscribed":false,"uuid":"0ed65cd0-c21f-474a-b8f2-d328126dec60","hasChildren":false},"created":"2014-05-28T21:49:05.246+02:00","notes":[{"author":"okmAdmin","date":"2014-11-19T10:04:31.357+01:00","path":"ec232a55-d8e3-4ad2-b308-f88372f9a593","text":"aqui va el texto"},{"author":"okmAdmin","date":"2014-11-19T10:16:09.951+01:00","path":"24e2acee-baae-4bec-8ad3-614db43a7716","text":"aqui va el texto"}],"path":"\/okm:root\/test2 & test","permissions":15,"subscribed":false,"uuid":"c38668f0-483a-44e2-9865-09f010ab14d8","hasChildren":true},{"author":"okmAdmin","created":"2017-02-02T15:31:05.513+01:00","path":"\/okm:root\/test'test","permissions":15,"subscribed":false,"uuid":"8bf439e7-1674-49ee-893d-e7c297a53387","hasChildren":false}]}
You should migrte to 6.3.2 and next week I think finally we will release the 6.3.3 ( the code is available at but we must finishing to package and update migration steps ). If you want to compile code and upgrate to 6.3.3 tell me because at least I found two missing steps in migration from 6.3.2 to 6.3.3 ( really two database steps what we have still not documented in the documentation at ... o-633.html

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