How to get the folder name

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How to get the folder name

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Can anyone tell me the syntax in how to display the folder name as shown below in bold.

Also, when I click on the URL it doesn't take me to the document in the explorer, Only the home, Can someone please help me

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<h1 style= "font-family:arial;color:red">A New Document is Available or Has been Updated</h1><br/>
<p>The purpose of this message is to notify you of a change made to the subject item. You can review the item by clicking on the URL below.</p>
<b><i>Note: Please check the status for more information.</i></b><br/><br/>
<b>View Document: </b><a href="${documentUrl}">${documentPath}</a><br/>
<b>Document Name: </b>${documentName}<br/>
<b>User: </b>${userId}<br/><b>Status: </b>${eventType}<br/>
<b>Comment: </b>${subscriptionComment}<br/>
<b>FolderName: </b>${I want to add the folder name.}<br/>

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Re: How to get the folder name

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Which OpenKM version are you using? Documentation about these parameters is at ... n_messages

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