Adding Folder thru Scripts

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Adding Folder thru Scripts

Post by dyjol » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:53 am

Hi I'm adding folders thru script but I cannot search the folder. Am I missing something?

But if I create a folder thru the user interface, that folder can be search.

For your assistance.

Thank you very much.

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INSERT INTO `OKM_NODE_BASE`  (`NBS_UUID`,  `NBS_AUTHOR`,  `NBS_CONTEXT`,  `NBS_CREATED`,  `NBS_NAME`,  `NBS_PARENT`,  `NBS_PATH`,  `NDC_SCRIPT_CODE`,  `NDC_SCRIPTING`) VALUES('ae331132-239c-4a42-614b-d1cb0a5f6ff8','okmAdmin','okm_root','2018-08-01:00:00:00','test name','fe10130d-5e37-4729-a676-e5ec75bd978d',null,null,'F');	

Insert into `okm_node_folder` (`NFL_DESCRIPTION`,`NBS_UUID`) VALUES ('AALA, AMIE MAGLINAO-001070101201207', 'ae331132-239c-4a42-614b-d1cb0a5f6ff8');	Insert into `okm_node_user_permission` (`NUP_NODE`,`NUP_PERMISSION`,`NUP_USER`) VALUES ('ae331132-239c-4a42-614b-d1cb0a5f6ff8',15,'okmAdmin');		

Insert into `okm_node_role_permission` (`NRP_NODE`,`NRP_PERMISSION`,`NRP_ROLE`) VALUES ('ae331132-239c-4a42-614b-d1cb0a5f6ff8',15,'ROLE_USER');	

Insert into `okm_activity` (`ACT_ID`,`ACT_ACTION`,`ACT_DATE`,`ACT_ITEM`,`ACT_PARAMS`,`ACT_PATH`) VALUES (5,'CREATE_FOLDER','2018-08-06:00:00:00','ae331132-239c-4a42-614b-d1cb0a5f6ff8',null,'/okm:root/test folder/test name');

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Re: Adding Folder thru Scripts

Post by lnovoa » Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:09 am


when you have inserted from the database, go to administration and do rebuild indexes.
When you create from the interface this does it automatically but from the database, as it is logical it does not do it.

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Re: Adding Folder thru Scripts

Post by jllort » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:05 am

Very bad practice creating from the database layer, why?

Your queries should be into a single translation, but I repeat is a bad idea.

Should be better to use scripting, can you explain the reason why must be done in this way? some explanation of the problem you are trying to solve is welcome.

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