Bouncy Castle built-in libs

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Bouncy Castle built-in libs

Post by danjo »

I'm customizing the openkm environment.
I need to use the bouncy castle FIPS libs, so i have added the dependency in the .pom file.

When i try to invoke the library the console gives me an error, i noticed that in the:
folder there are already various versions of the Bouncy Castle library (non-FIPS).

I tried to remove manually them, but at compile time they are automatically downloaded again.

No references to there libraries are present in the .pom file.
This console error is caused by the collision of the packages as the both start with:

Is there a way to permanently delete them?
Thank you all :roll:
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Re: Bouncy Castle built-in libs

Post by jllort »

If you open the pom.xml in your IDE should have a dependency analyzer. For example in Intellij got something like the next screenshot:
Finally depending the enhancement wish to do, maybe it is better implement external module with webservices API and user from OpenKM as a remote service. Usually this is a good aproach. If explan what are trying to do maybe I can suggest serveral options ( I do not need a large description, only a general idea about what kind of problem are trying to solve and what got in your mind ).
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