OpenKM Installation Guide for Windows

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OpenKM Installation Guide for Windows

Post by tidus2728 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:15 am

For Windows Installation

Install Java JDK 1.5

Go to and select the Java Developer Kit (JDK) 5.0

Update 15. When file has been downloaded, execute it and you will install Java on your system with the

application wizard.

Install OpenKM

Download OpenKM 2.0 from ... _id=180733 and uncompress on

your hard disk (a good option is to uncompress on c:\\ ). If you experiment some problems uncompressing, try to install WinRAR application to uncompress it.

Set Java Home

If you uncompressed to c:\\, then your JBOSS_HOME directory would be C:\\OpenKM-2.0_JBoss-4.2.2.GA\\. Now go

to C:\\OpenKM-2.0_JBoss-4.2.2.GA\\bin and edit run.bat with notepad or any text editor. Add this line:

set JAVA_HOME=C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.5.0_15

before the line:

if not \"%JAVA_HOME%\" == \"\" goto ADD_TOOLS

then save the file.

Adding / Editing User Names

Go to C:\\OpenKM-2.0_JBoss-4.2.2.GA\\server\\default\\conf\\props\\ and open the following files with notepad: ----->Contains the usernames and passwords ----->Contains the usernames and their appropriate role(AdminRol & UserRol are default). ----->Contains the usernames and the corresponding email addresses for the email notification feature.

Then add the usernames, passwords, and emails of the users who want to access OpenKM. The user \"system\" is the default administrator. AdminRol and UserRol are the default user roles recognized by OpenKM. Only \"system\" should have the AdminRol and all users should have UserRol properties.

Create a startup batch file

Open notepad or any text editor and create a new batch file with this line:

C:\\OpenKM-2.0_JBoss-4.2.2.GA\\bin\\run.bat -b

Then save the batch file. The command run.bat -b is used so that OpenKM can be accessed from any computer in your network. The batch file can be then copied to the Startup to enable automatic startup of OpenKM.


Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:8080/OpenKM where \"localhost\" should be the IP address or hostname of the server or computer running OpenKM. Also take note that the url address of OpenKM is case-sensitive. Meaning, the url should be http://localhost:8080/OpenKM and NOT:

http://localhost:8080/openKM etc.

When the Login page appears, enter your username and password in the spaces provided.

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Re:OpenKM Installation Guide for Windows

Post by Jim » Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:37 am

Can you tell me how to disable webservces? I need detailed steps. I want to know how I can let one user group get only read right. Do you know which DMS is best to manage *.DWG files.THX.

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Re:OpenKM Installation Guide for Windows

Post by tidus2728 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:50 am

Hi Jim,

For web services, you can the forum on detailed instructions how to do it. I have not done it yet because my server is connected to the internet.

For your next question, you can read my post:

Code: Select all
then set the security level for a certain file or folder with that user group for read-access only.

So far, OpenKM has been the best FREE DMS that I have seen and tried and worked to my expectations. If you want to have added features, go to the other board in the forum to post your request for additional features that you want to see in the next version of OpenKM.


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