Could not search txt file from content

OpenKM tiene muchas características interesantes, pero es necesario un proceso de configuración para mostrar todo su potencial.
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Por favor, antes de preguntar algo consulta el wiki de documentación o utiliza la función de búsqueda del foro. Recuerda que no tenemos una bola de cristal ni poderes mentales, o sea que que para informar sobre un error es necesario que nos indiques tanto la versión de OpenKM que usas como la del navegador y sistema operativo. Para más información consulta Cómo informar de fallos de forma efectiva.
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Could not search txt file from content

Post by aliceprince » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:24 am

4 Creative Ways To Personalize Little Business Card
For rather a lot of individuals who want freedom and in order to be be their own boss, having their own family based business is their ultimate daydream. Althoughrunning your own business is liberating and fulfilling, there are downsides essential ingredients . To understand first. Add to that the anxiety and long hoursyou will need to put into your business, additionally can be looking at your worst horror.
this great post:
If you'll be able to smaller business how you present on your own is going to become even more important. Think about the involving body language you use andmay carry yourself through interactions. You'll need to really take a step back and analyze how you act for all those doing commerce.
I'd reckoned starting some sort of fitness routine, one particular actually paid personal focus to it's people today. That was obviously have i felt was missing withinthe gyms. You'd make an appearance, work your butt off, and then leave. It gave the picture of likes doctor visits cared fundamentally arrived you aren't.
amazing article:
Make utilization of the right marketing materials. In order to reach out to your customers without spending a lot you to be able to make confident you are utilisingthe right materials. Together with tool which should never go without is visiting card. You would desire the business cards to aid you introduce yourself toyour target customers.
Distributing business card printing is not only easy as selling hot potatoes. The distribution process is not the only thing that you must think of - the design, paperto use and what will be the context of your cards. Knowing your purpose will assist conceptualize a suggestion as to who is the best audience.
view website: in card visit giá rẻ hà nội
You can customize standard templates by color. A dark blue will look more formal than a yellow, so depending with an industry you belong to, choose one that iscommensurate with the impression you to be able to create.
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Re: Could not search txt file from content

Post by jllort » Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:39 pm

Consider files are not indexed in real-time, they go into a queue and are indexed in the background process ( crontab task named -> text extractor worker ).

* From Administration > Stats -> top right menu option "Text extraction queue" can watch the current status of the indexing queue ... ctionqueue

* From Administration > DatabaseQuery you can get the status of your document
SELECT NDC_TEXT_EXTRACTED FROM OKM_NODE_DOCUMENT WHERE NBS_UUID='THE UUID OF YOUR DOCUMENT'; // you can cat the unique uuid of your document from the properties tab in desktop view ... query.html

* From Administration > Tools > List indexes can take a look of the content extracted ( for what keywords your document is currently indexed ) ... dexes.html

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