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Translate TaskInstances ti; ti.getVariables.get("error") from SDK Java to sdk .NET 1.4.0
by jorge.seifert -   - in: Web Services
0 Replies
 by jorge.seifert
unable to load bodystructure, during import mail
by madclsnake -   - in: Usage
0 Replies
 by madclsnake
Backup automático
by sgtourism176 -   - in: Configuración
0 Replies
 by sgtourism176
Rebuild checksum?
by thiagodalsoto -   - in: Usage
4 Replies
 by thiagodalsoto
SDK for .NET - Error: La longitud no puede ser inferior a cero
by greynozo -   - in: Web Services
4 Replies
 by jorge.seifert
Language detection at login
by bidouille -   - in: New features discussion
8 Replies
 by jllort
Alguien sabe como poner un logo personalizado en la versión Community?
by grovercs -   - in: New features discussion
1 Replies
 by jllort
MP4 movie files cannot preview
by PETITEDAN -   - in: Configuration
4 Replies
Installation d'OpenKM
by mexelmets46 -   - in: Installation
3 Replies
 by jllort
Translation import with non ASCII characters fails to display correct characters.
by gulmorg -   - in: Configuration
2 Replies
 by jllort
OCR not working
by puce -   - in: Configuration
1 Replies
 by jllort
Does the openkm installation key goes on IP Address or Mac Address ???
by crookzart -   - in: Configuration
1 Replies
 by jllort
Missing Mail and Bookmark classes in package com.openkm.sdk4j.bean
by lamcmc -   - in: Configuration
1 Replies
 by jllort
Full-text search has very poor performance. How to improve?
by snowman -   - in: Configuration
3 Replies
 by jllort
set my language as default for mobile
by mahdi maleki -   - in: Configuration
1 Replies
 by jllort

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