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I can't log in with AD authentication
by m.pasqualoni -   - in: Configuration
5 Replies
 by vesselcallous
Issues with the Russian language
by ulnaoperating -   - in: Installation
0 Replies
 by ulnaoperating
Version libreoffice recomenda para OpenKM CE
by albertogomez38 -   - in: Configuración
0 Replies
 by albertogomez38
Suddenly receiving error message
by elvispresley99 -   - in: Installation
0 Replies
 by elvispresley99

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OpenKM is part of the management software. A management software is a program that facilitates the accomplishment of administrative tasks. OpenKM is a document management system that allows you to manage business content and workflow in a more efficient way. Document managers guarantee data protection by establishing information security for business content.