OpenKM 5.1.3 released

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OpenKM 5.1.3 released

Post by pavila » Wed May 04, 2011 7:50 am

This new release is a big step forward and include many enhancements and features.

* Support crontab-like scheduled tasks
* Notes also in folders
* Make application logo configurable
* Handle mime types in database
* Document stamping (extension)
* Remote document conversion
* Support for encrypted documents
* Add support for Tesseact 3 OCR
* Add support for Cuneiform OCR
* Improved OCR with dictionary
* Improved PDF text extraction
* Enhanced Oracle compatibility
* Normalize database table definitions
* Create PDF documents from template
* Implement document generation template engine
* Reports with parameters
* Improved text extraction
* New forum extension
* New messaging extension

Detailed changes are described at OpenKM wiki. If you want to migrate a previous OpenKM installation, please read the Migration Guide. Read carefully the documentation wiki. Bugs and other issues should be reported at