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  • We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
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 #53962  by nishant8900
I am working on Openkm 6.3 CE, and i have implemented AD using ldap.
I am getting 2000+ users and 5000 roles. But it seems that some roles are missing. Is there any limitation on the number of roles visible in role list in administration tab?
If so, how can we increase the limit. Also please let me know how to increase user limit as well (if there is any such limit)
I have already set configuration parameters and xml as mentioned in
https://docs.openkm.com/kcenter/view/ok ... roles.html

 #53967  by jllort
Usually, the limits are set by AD configuration.

Anyway, is not the best practice to retrieve everything, it is better only get the security groups that will have sense in the OpenKM side and the users who are members of ROLE_USER or ROLE_ADMIN -> what will be the ones who will get access to the OpenKM application.

I suggest reading with patience https://docs.openkm.com/kcenter/view/ok ... roles.html and getting inspired about how base in search filtering getting only a couple of users and roles.

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