• Slowness of the application at times

  • OpenKM a de nombreuses fonctionnalités interessantes, mais demande un minimum de configuration pour être pleinement exploité.
OpenKM a de nombreuses fonctionnalités interessantes, mais demande un minimum de configuration pour être pleinement exploité.

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 #52247  by kouadio
I have installed OpenKM version 6.3.10 on Debian 10. Apparently, everything is fine but I notice that the server is super slow and especially when I copy a file. I installed the application in a Vmware Esxi virtualized environment and the virtual machine has 8GB of RAM. This is just a test environment, to say that the server hosting the application is not saturated.
What settings could I change to improve the performance of my server?
 #52251  by jllort
What is the size of the document you are uploading?
What kind of document are you uploading?
What is super slow -> the uploading -> or while uploading the application is whole affected?
Did you enable antivirus or a similar feature?
Did you change any administration parameters in the Administration > Configuration parameters?
 #52274  by jllort
In the professional edition we added a new behavior -> the antivirus process run in the background like text extractor queue to do not penalize operations like document uploading. Currently, this feature has not been moved to the community edition.
 #52382  by kouadio
After deactivating the antivirus, importing files is easier. However, at times the application seems to be blocked for all users. And after a while, as if by magic, everything is suddenly released and the application resumes its normal operation. Where did I go wrong with the configuration?
 #52395  by jllort
Maybe because lucene search engine is configured in real time. Each time upload document, change metadata, etc... the lucene search engine works in background but in the same threat. We observe in repositories with huge parallel changes may cause some lock. You can configure search engine in asynchronous mode -> only consider change may take some seconds ( or not ) to be applied but in the other hand sure the search engine will not lock regular operations.

Seems this feature is not available in CE ( only in professional from version 6.4 but we can try to introduce there ) -> https://docs.openkm.com/kcenter/view/ok ... eters.html ( look for hibernate.search.worker.execution ). If you are interested on it, please add a issue at https://github.com/openkm/document-mana ... tem/issues

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