OpenKM 5.1.10 released

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OpenKM 5.1.10 released

Post by pavila » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:07 am

This new bug-fix release which also includes many enhancements and features.

* Trash purge error fixed
* Hide bottom icon depending profile values
* Fixed export error
* Improve TIFF to PDF conversion
* Hide workflow process instance variables
* Notes enabled in folder and mail
* Timeout in command line execution
* Improved uploader usability
* Ask confirmation when removing a category or keyword
* Show username in place of user id
* Drag & drop improvements
* Restrict workflows by profile
* Association form name with the task name
* Fix for recursively change security if add notes to directory

Detailed changes are described at OpenKM wiki. If you want to migrate a previous OpenKM installation, please read the Migration Guide. Read carefully the documentation wiki. Bugs and other issues should be reported at