Multiple suggestions

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Multiple suggestions

Post by apb1963 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:26 pm

I just got done looking at the demo, haven't downloaded the program yet.

I'm very impressed from a visual standpoint. It looks like the idea is to manage everything from one central location. Makes sense.

Some things I noticed immediately that are missing (from my perspective):

I use jitsi (VOIP softphone) and hope to switch (back) to sflphone. Each has their own way of managing contacts. jitsi lets you choose LDAP, google contacts, thunderbird addressbook. sflphone uses Kontact (since both sflphone and Kontact are KDE based, it makes sense and was actually my preference until I was forced to use jitsi). So I see that you use google contacts - unfortunately, that has been my last choice and have virtually no contact info there. (I'm actually trying to wean myself off of google as much as possible, I'll spare you the reasons.)

In fact, near (but not in) the beginning I started out by using for contact management - it absorbed my MS Outlook contact list and I liked it alot - others on my list also seemed to like it. Then I moved away from Windows (back) onto Linux and forgot about plaxo (until just now). Plaxo was nice because it let others also using it keep their info up to date - I was freed from having to keep track of everyone else's info. That's powerful. You change only your own info. and everyone else who already has your info is updated with your current info. However, since I moved off MS Outlook and onto Thunderbird, plaxo just kind of faded away for no particular reason (other than perhaps not having any integration with Thunderbird - and I've just sent plaxo an enhancement request to add it).

Yesterday, I was exploring LDAP because this contact situation with jitsi is really starting to annoy me - my most called numbers aren't in my email address book and I don't intend to put them there - in several cases I don't even have an email address for them and email is just not natural for these numbers (think pharmacy, doctors, insurance, stores, etc.) It turns out LDAP isn't so hard (ok it's utterly mind-boggling but I found an excellent writeup on understanding it, which made it pretty easy to understand). And so now I'm thinking about adding an LDAP server - seems like overkill for one person but it shows you how far I'm willing to go to handle this contact situation. If only Plaxo could be absorbed and made accessible by others...

Another area of concern for me is browser bookmarks. I'm overwhelmed with them. And since I've bounced from browser to browser and changed OS' as well, I have bookmark files from Internet Explorer, Netscape, Chrome and Firefox. Several of which have been lost on my various hard drives. I hope your product will search for them, because I don't know where they are...

I've been using Evernote for about a year or so now. I love many of its features, but it too is lacking. Because I've moved to Linux, there is no officially supported Evernote client, and what exists is too buggy to be useful (one of the available clients actually destroyed some of my data). So I've resorted to using the browser version - it works, but it has certain annoyances.

I'm trying to use google calendar to handle my appointments, but having to keep the browser open for it to work is just too painful. My email I have open most of the time, but do lapse from time to time. skype, always open. softphone - always open.

So I'd like to see your software solve each of these issues. As I mentioned, I haven't downloaded your software yet... so maybe these problems have already been solved.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Multiple suggestions

Post by jllort » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:48 am

About jitsi contact, can be integrated in similar way has been integrated google contacts. Our source code is shared at sourceforge and explain how to set up your own developement IDE. Any feature - patch is always welcome.

About bookmarks, we do have this kind of integrations with browsers, but what we can do is getting contents from website ( parse url and store as pdf document ). This feature with few effor can be extended to store url in some database and get a best aproximation about what you want. From version 6.4 we can work with record ( what can hold any kind of information, could be easilly used as bookmarks ).

Finally DMS will not solve all your problems, and is not our objective. We're not intranet portal what try to covers all user need. We think is an error ( It would be a large explanation about it, and I prefer only give our opinion about it ). Our objective is be a DRMS ( store millions of documents an company records into a single access point with your company bussiness roles ). We can integrated with thirdparty applications like BPM, ERP, etc... each one solves one type of problem ( some software has tryed to be magical and solve everything, no one has success on it, and I think if you see the differences between companies will easilly undestand why. We think DRMS as a part of company intranet, but not the intranet. A single element what can cooperate across API with others into. For us this is the scenario. You can be agree or not with our point of view, but we prefer be good DMS and extend feature on it than invest on features outside the DMS orbit.

Probably, for what you told, we're not the kind of software you're looking for. My suggestion is not looking for some features into DMS.

However, thanks for your suggestions, always are wellcome and are important for us, because we make us think on things sometimes we do not have been take in consideration.

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