Get folder contents with Rest API

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Get folder contents with Rest API

Post by dah »

I am finding plenty of examples of getting child folders using the rest API with the following command -

Code: Select all

However I want to navigate down the tree but can't seem to find anything that will give me back the documents contained within a folder. In fact when a folder is returned by the above GET request it always indicates that the returned folders have no children even though there are a number of documents in each?

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  "folder": [
      "author": "Joe",
      "created": "2017-06-06T16:47:02Z",
      "path": "/okm:root/Joes Folder",
      "permissions": 15,
      "subscribed": false,
      "uuid": "a84d147b-e9e4-4b5c-aa36-221461d1d5cd",
[color=#FF0000] [b]     "hasChildren": false[/b][/color]
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Get folder contents with Rest API

Post by jllort »

You might go to document where exists a getChildren. The method will return the documents what are into some folder.

I suggest also take a look at OpenKM ... ption.html it's not exactly but very similar to OpenKM REST API and might help you finding the methods you need ( almost OpenKM API methods have it's own equivalent into REST API ). Meanwhile we do not have documented the REST API a good aproach is OpenKM API.

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