Document Update Event will never be called !

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Document Update Event will never be called !

Post by mamad »

Hello guys,
I want to start a workflow every time i update a document.
I created a workflow and also created an automation action with "document update" event by "post" type and a "AddWorkflowToWizard" action.
I did all the settings correctly (like activating Event, set order , set name of workflow, set action and activating it and etc) but the workflow will never start when i update any document.
For testing "AddWorkflowToWizard" action, i created another automation action which started the workflow after uploading document and it works fine.
For testing "document update" event, i use another actions to be called after updating documents but never of them will be called after updating documents !
Is this a bug or it may has another reason ?
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Re: Document Update Event will never be called !

Post by jllort »

Wizards only work in creation stage, will not working in other stages. You can run a workflow but starting a wizard is not allowed.
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