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unplug Keyword Map feature

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:19 am
by sunil

I have more that 1 million keywords for all the documents available in OpenKM.

All features are working fine except Keyword Map(in Dashboard screen, where all the available keywords are listed). Due to high volume of keywords, OpenKM hangs.

I tried to unplug it from profile menu but it still request for all keywords on pageload and hangs.

Can somebody direct me to the code from where i can simply disable this request?


Re: unplug Keyword Map feature

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:12 pm
by jllort
First can try to hide the tag cloud in dashboard panel from profiles ( I think community it have this feature ).

In source code you might be interested in classes:
My suggestion is comment everything into the method ( basically return always empty list ).
SearchServlet line 223

Code: Select all

public List<GWTKeyword> getKeywordMap(List<String> filter) throws OKMException {
KeyMapDashboard line 592

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	 * getKeywordMap
	public void getKeywordMap(List<String> filter) {
		// Only make call when collection is not empty, other case there's no filtering by keyword and
		// result it'll be inconsistent
		if (!filter.isEmpty()) {
			if (showStatus() && keyRelatedTable.isVisible()) {
			searchService.getKeywordMap(filter, callbackGetKeywordMapFiltered);
		} else if (dashboardVisible) {
			drawTagCloud(); // Draws tag cloud
	} line 228

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for (GWTKeyword key : Main.get().mainPanel.dashboard.keyMapDashboard.getAllKeywordList()) {
			String keyword = key.getKeyword();
Hope can help you on it.