Page 1 of 1! Document Management with Free Open Source OpenKM

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:29 am
by Axel2801
“OpenKM is an open source tool that lets you manage your documents online. You can version your documents, manage users, share select documents with select users, and much more...You can upload documents in folders and share them with the users you want to, using the access-management mechanism discussed above. OpenKM also has a privilege-control mechanism for all documents; you can fine-tune the privileges each user has for a document...Once users have access to a document, they can subscribe to it, and will get a notification whenever the document is changed...Users can check out documents before changes, so that there is no confusion with someone else updating it simultaneously. Once an updated document is checked in, the new version is available to all...OpenKM also integrates knowledge management with workflow, mails, and chat too.”