MacOS OmniPlan "File" MIME type Shows as Folder

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MacOS OmniPlan "File" MIME type Shows as Folder

Post by alexwgordon »

Hi All,

I have some gantt chart (OmniPlan) files that I'd like to upload but when uploaded they show up as folders in OpenKM. In MacOS they look like files, but are kind of similar to applications where they actually are a folder that has more files inside of it.

Is there anyway to have OpenKM treat them as files? Or is my only solution to just zip the file and then upload them?

This is an .oplx "file" for reference.
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Re: MacOS OmniPlan "File" MIME type Shows as Folder

Post by jllort »

If it is a binary file should be upload as a binary file. Can try uploading the file from another computer ( browser ) with Linux or Windows OS and firefox or chrome browser?
Also, I suggest adding in Administration > mime type -> the icon and extension associated with this file.
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