what is best knowledge management software?

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Re: what is best knowledge management software?

Post by jllort »

I think it's not the correct question. I suggest make other: What I need ? and when you got the answers then you could find the software solution will be better for you.

Do not talk to DMS, CMS or other marketing ways to sell similar solution. I will propose DBMS example, which is the best Oracle, Postgre SQL, Mysql, MariaDB a non rational database ? the answer will be depending, for some projects I will suggest oracle, for others I will suggest MySQL. Is a ferrari better than a supertrack ? if you want speed yes, if you want to move weight things not. Understand your own problem and then you'll get the scenario. Then you're able to think which actor do you need to represent the play. Someones needs Nicolas Cage ( cost expensive ) which can finish like a tarantinos film ( a lot of blood ) -> complex DMS solutions with full custmized scenario, others with secunday actor will be right to you.

Do not only thing in features that you do not need ( think in what really you need ), take in mind the future maintenance ( cost ), etc... Do not be an evangelist of software solution, not always the same solutions is apply to similar problems ( for it are similar ). The knowledge is something that can not be print into software solution, only can help organization to work in some way -> here you need processes etc... to organize information knowledge capital is something quite difficult to control at 100%. Software solutions try to help organization to set some rules which allows to take more control on your Knowlege capital, but does not make magic ( do not believe in magical solutions ), the organization needs a gradual process to jump into more effective way to reuse, capitalize and find the knowledge of all organization members ( guru's of knowledge management for my point of view are still on discussion about where are the limits and how to solve in an effective way all the organization knowledge ).

Hope this answers could help you on some way ?

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