Error: OpenKM needs Java 1.8

OpenKM tiene muchas características interesantes, pero es necesario un proceso de configuración para mostrar todo su potencial.
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Error: OpenKM needs Java 1.8

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Vintage - Avey -Ashley Furniture - Target - Oak - Or Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Due to the decrease in bedroom sizes, the sale of storage beds has increased rapidly over time. Most people in urban areas live in rented apartments with limited space. The multifunctional storage bed makes it a perfect piece of furniture for such spaces. The bed is convenient for anyone looking for an upholstered platform bed with storage. Here we are looking at why Houchins Upholstered Storage Space is a perfect platform bed for your bedroom. Read more our post​​

​1) Design and Finish

Houchin Upholstered storage platform bed is a high-quality platform bed from the Winston Porter Furniture manufacturing company. Despite its quality and style, the bed is affordable. The upholstered platform bed has four extra storage spaces. Apart from storage, the foundation also improves the look of your bedroom.

It has a button-tufted head and footboard, which gives the bedroom a mixer of a contemporary and traditional look. Through this bed, the manufacturer combines fashion and function. The Houchins platform with storage will give any room a lasting impression.


2) Assembly

While its assembling may take you quite some time, the instructions are easy and straightforward. The approximate time you will take to assemble this bed entirely is 3 hours or less. Compared to other foundations, putting together this type of mattress is easy and straightforward. You do not need any expertise since the instruction is clear and easy to understand.

The bed is made up of both solid wood and metal, making it strong enough to sustain up to 500 pounds of weight. To ensure the bed frame does not break or bend, the manufacturer has added extra legs to the center to offer additional support. You realize that 500 pounds are not a small weight, you need strong legs to support such weight.

3) Durability

As mentioned earlier, the mainframe is made up of solid wood and metal. Its upholstery is soft linen, which is an extremely durable material. Additionally, fabric cools the bed during summer to give more comfortable sleep during summer.

Another essential feature of this bed is the bentwood slats. The support system helps to reduce even irregular surfaces on the platform bed. On top of that, well-spaced slats give some space for breathability, which keeps the mattress fresh for a more extended period. The system is suitable for restless sleepers sensitive to uneven pokes and prods.

4) Storage Space

Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed comes with four storage drawers. However, you should be aware that its drawers are made of plastic hence are not suitable for keeping heavy items. The storage is perfect for keeping items such as clothes, pillows, bedding, and any other light item that you wish to remove from sight.

While other platform beds have storage spaces beneath the bed, this type of foundation does not have such a space. Therefore, if you are looking for a foundation that can store large and bulky items, better go for another type of foundation, preferably one with an ample clearance space beneath the bed.

5) Other Features

The Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is a perfect piece of furniture that delivers style as well as functionality to anyone looking for a trendy style. The storage drawers are essential for decluttering the bedroom. As is said, out of sight, out of mind, a clearer bedroom will allow your observance to think better. Here is a breakdown of the measurement and weight of each platform bed full​​.

Type Dimension Weight

Twin 38” x 43.5” x 80.5” 93.5 lbs.

Full 38” x 58.5” x 80.5” 119 lbs.

Queen 38” x 64.5” x 86” 25.5 lbs.

King 38” x 78.5” 84.5” 131 lbs.


• Simple to assemble

• Can carry up to 500 pounds weight

• Bentwood slats keep the mattress even and breathable

• Features hidden storage drawers


• The drawers are made of plastic hence cannot hold heavy items

Buying Considerations

Here are some of the things you should look at when purchasing a Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed.


​1) Space

First, evaluate the type size of storage space you need by looking at the items you are looking to store. If you are looking to store items such as shoes, towels, bedsheets, pillows, a shallow drawer is a good fit for you. However, if you are looking to store large items like suitcases, a platform bed with ample clearance space beneath is a perfect piece for you.

2) Surroundings

A check of the area around the bed is open and can allow the shelves to open without a struggle. Remember, you will be pulling the shelve in and out frequently. A situation where you will need to move your items often when opening the shelf causes a lot of inconveniences.

3) Portions

Before purchasing any platform bed with storage shelves, check how the platters have been portioned. The smaller the partitions, the lesser the items that will be stored on the shelves. However, if your interest is safeguarding your jewelry, small partitioned shelves is a good option for you. For large items, a single storage area is a good option.

4) Base

Take keen on how the manufacturer has made the base of the storage bed rest on the floor. Is the bed standing on wooden or metal feet? How many legs does the foundation have? Or does the entire base of the platform bed rests on the floor? All these factors affect the carpeting of your flooring. Extra legs on the middle mean strength. Also, if the entire base touches the carpet, the better. Any bed with a shelve storage feature should be strong enough to carry any weight.


Generally, Houchins Upholstered Storage Platform Bed is one of the best-upholstered storage beds in the market. The shelves are fitted in a way that you can hardly notice when are closed. The two drawers available underneath the mattress make it easy and convenient to store your belongings. From its weight capacity, assembling, slat system, everything about this bed looks good for me. Read more our post here Image ​​Platform Bed Expert
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Re: Error: OpenKM needs Java 1.8

Post by jllort »

Tienes que establecer la version JDK 1.8 por defecto en el sistema operativo. En el caso de windows define la variable de entorno JAVA_HOME y ponle el path de la instalacion de el JDK ( sera algo así c:\program files\Java\Jdk-18XXX ). Una vez has creado esta variable ( si existe reemplazalo por el de la versión 1.8 ) abre la terminal, porque el cambio en las variables no se propagan al vuelo en la terminal de windows, únicamente cuando abres una terminal nueva.

Otra buena estrategia es eliminar JDK previamente instalados porque cuando tienes varias versiones en la misma máquina se puede montar un cierto follón.
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