OpenKM 5.1.9 released

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OpenKM 5.1.9 released

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This new bug-fix release which also includes many enhancements and features.

* User quotas in MB
* Any user with the AdminRole should be able to unlock documents
* OpenKM doesn't index the message body
* Chatroom inconsistence
* Make PDF text extraction OCR works with Tesseract
* Refresh not working
* Improved web services compatibility
* Check for node lock status when subscribing
* Confirmation dialog when deleting a note
* pdf2swf configurable parameters
* XSRF issues
* Improved Oracle10g support
* Cannot recursively change security if add notes to directory
* Repository Export/Import folder choose dialog doesn't have sort order
* Several corrections and enhancements

Detailed changes are described at OpenKM wiki. If you want to migrate a previous OpenKM installation, please read the Migration Guide. Read carefully the documentation wiki. Bugs and other issues should be reported at