OpenKM 5.1.8 released

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OpenKM 5.1.8 released

Post by pavila » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:18 pm

This new bug-fix release which also includes many enhancements and features.

* Fixed deletion problem when have notes
* Fixed Java File Uploader applet - Peer not authenticated
* HTTPS download from IExplorer now works
* Fix misplaced progress dialog
* Need to specify REFERRAL in LDAP configuration
* Encoded HTML entities when show OpenKM configuration
* Solved WebDAV misc problems
* Improve FormElement handling in Workflow comparator
* Chat enabled by default
* Prevent NPE at WorkspaceServlet
* Enable multipage scanning
* Fixed several database query issues
* Use FreeMarker expressions in PDF templates
* Write document metadata on export
* Added support for Abby OCR
* Added Autocad to PDF conversion
* Several improvements in administration

Detailed changes are described at OpenKM wiki. If you want to migrate a previous OpenKM installation, please read the Migration Guide. Read carefully the documentation wiki. Bugs and other issues should be reported at