OpenKM 4.1 Released

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OpenKM 4.1 Released

Post by pavila » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:03 am

A new stable release of your favourite document management system has arrived. These are the main changes:

* Preview fails with RFT documents
* Language selection in login page
* Fixed document to PDF conversion in mobile
* Fixed error importing archive from .zip file
* Unicode files in exported zip works fine
* Corrected text to PDF conversion (also affect preview)
* Support for MS Office 2007 documents in preview
* Users subscribed to a document also are notified when a note is added
* Improved MySQL support

Detailed changes are described at OpenKM wiki. If you want to migrate a previous OpenKM installation, please read the Migration Guide. Read carefully the documentation wiki. Bugs and other issues should be reported at

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