OpenKM 6.3.3 released

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OpenKM 6.3.3 released

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We have released OpenKM 6.3.3 Community with lots of improvements and new features ported from the Professional version:

* Added Oracle support.
* Updated styles for better look & feel.
* Changed login screen.
* Added cache L2 support.
* Added profiling support.
* Added hibernate stats support.
* Added UI Desktop button for splitter resizing.
* Added extra columns based in metadata in filebrowser view.
* Added Merge PDF feature.
* Added Convert feature.
* Added Stapling extension.
* Added Dashboard Messaging extension.
* Added Activity Log extension.
* Added Forum extension.
* Added Wiki extension.
* Added Workflow document info.
* Added HTML Editor 3 extension.
* Added Forward E-mail feature.
* Added Send Document Attachment feature.

We are working on a brand new installer which will help to install all needed dependencies so you can get some features just working like document preview.

The new documentation site is also available at