OpenKM 6.3.0 released

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OpenKM 6.3.0 released

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After several weeks of work we have released OpenKM 6.3 Community. This new release has many changes from 6.2 series, but these are the most important:

* Metadata browsing
* Document listing paginated and filtered (by type, name, etc.)
* Different splitter resize schemas
* Choose default start workspace
* Massive actions when adding metadata, keywords and categories
* Better Chrome and IExplorer support
* Released extensions: Workflow properties, OpenMeetings and Zoho integration
* Forward imported mail
* Improved bulk uploader
* Document conversion
* Merge PDF documents
* Able to select default file browser width
* Improved Windows service installation
* Increase major / minor document version
* Change login page logo
* Improved mail importer
* CMIS support
* New RESTful web services API (v1.0)
* New SOAP web services (v1.0)
* New Automation actions and events (document update, mail creation, etc.)
* Lots of bug fixes and several performance improvements