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  • We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
We tried to make OpenKM as intuitive as possible, but an advice is always welcome.
Forum rules: Please, before asking something see the documentation wiki or use the search feature of the forum. And remember we don't have a crystal ball or mental readers, so if you post about an issue tell us which OpenKM are you using and also the browser and operating system version. For more info read How to Report Bugs Effectively.
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Error doing text.extraction
by Greind  - 
2 Replies 
 by Greind
4 Replies 
 by vngrshakan
Set properties while creating docuıment
by vngrshakan  - 
1 Replies 
 by jllort
Search Arabic Content
by saleem55  - 
7 Replies 
 by saleem55
3 Replies 
 by JWhite001
Cannot preview document with Thai Filename
by teera_w  - 
11 Replies 
 by jllort
screwed up openkm
by yclee  - 
1 Replies 
 by jllort
Regarding Extra Tab
by deep2468  - 
4 Replies 
 by jllort
1 Replies 
 by jllort
Hotfolder - adding folders
by openkm_user  - 
1 Replies 
 by jllort
Metadata input field with multiple type
by mamad  - 
1 Replies 
 by jllort
3 Replies 
 by mamad
How to view extracted texts in OpenKM 6.3
by kvist  - 
1 Replies 
 by jllort
Working with application property groups
by tommyroland  - 
2 Replies 
 by leanamarx
Cannot preview searchable pdf files
by ausadmin  - 
3 Replies 
 by ausadmin
1 Replies 
 by jllort
10 Replies 
 by jllort
5 Replies 
 by jllort
Bug report: major / minor options are swapped
by ryanm  - 
3 Replies 
 by pavila
4 Replies 
 by Wraith
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OpenKM is part of the management software. A management software is a program that facilitates the accomplishment of administrative tasks. OpenKM is a document management system that allows you to manage business content and workflow in a more efficient way. Document managers guarantee data protection by establishing information security for business content.